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Student Government Association

We are SGA! 

Hello! We are Zari and Yolanda, your SGA President and Vice President!

The Student Government Association, better known as SGA, is a hub for student voices and involvement on campus.  Comprised of four executive boards and the St. Olaf Student Senate, SGA offers a wide range of involvement and leadership opportunities. SGA is involved in many aspects of student life on campus – representation, student organizations, and so much more. Stop by the OSA to meet with us and our team to learn how to get involved!

SGA Campus Affairs Logo-Navy.png

Advocating for Oles in the classroom and across campus. Comprised of the Academic Affairs Committee and the Student Affairs Committee

SGA Community Impact Logo-Navy.png

Connecting campus to the greater Northfield community and beyond. Comprised of the Global Impact Committee and the Local Impact Committee

SGA DEI Logo-Navy.png

Augmenting equity and inclusion efforts on campus. Supporting multicultural student organizations

SGA Involvement Logo-Navy.png

Recognizing, funding, and supporting

student organizations at St. Olaf.

SGA Senate Logo-Navy.png

The legislative body representing St. Olaf students

and their needs.



Learn more about SGA, our purpose, our structure,

and our bylaws.

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