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PLT Insights: Carl Crosby Lehmann

On the demonstration policy and protecting vulnerable students in contact with law enforcement

To get insights for the student body, Modupe Botti '22 regularly meets with Carl Crosby Lehmann, who is the General Counsel of St. Olaf College. He is part of the President's Leadership Team. To submit your own questions to him or any of the other PLT members, click here.

Student questions

  • What is your view of the demonstration policy and what changes are tangible (or, what parts are non-negotiable)?

  • Have you been looking into the policy after the frequent criticisms?

  • What would the institution do to protect international and other vulnerable students when they are involved in demonstrations outside college and get in contact with law enforcement?

Meeting notes

On March 10, I had an introductory meeting with the School Lawyer – Carl Crosby Lehmann. The main points of discussion were scheduling for frequent BORSC meeting and demonstration policy changes. Although, he is not directly involved in the actual changes of these polices, he does review them once policies are decided on or changes are made. As far as he knows, the Student life team is looking into the demonstration policy which happened to be heavily criticised following last semester and previous disillusionment from the student body nothing is non-negotiable, the school tries to review policy often need be. Dean Roz would be the right source to speak to about the type of changes being reviewed and disciplinary action when policy is breached. Concerning students (both international/ domestic) attending demonstration outside St. Olaf, the school is not legally obligated to provide legal services in the event legal action is taking against those students. Nevertheless, the school’s lawyer is available to advise to students on legal matters. Inclosing, we decided to meet every three weeks.

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