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⠀Diversity Initiatives Support Committee⠀

Supporting underrepresented groups at St. Olaf.

The purpose of the Diversity Initiatives Support Committee (DISC) is to provide organizations of historically marginalized groups with the support and funding necessary for them to accomplish their mission at St. Olaf.

Statement Against Racism

The Diversity Initiatives Support Committee (DISC) stands in solidarity with the Cultural Union for Black Expression (CUBE) and all the BIPOC students on campus who have been marginalized. The events that occurred on Friday September 4th are unacceptable and the administration has once again showed its incompetency in addressing systemic issues that our BIPOC students face within the St. Olaf community. The administration must be held accountable for their lack of action. DISC is here. We support you. As a branch of SGA, we are making a commitment to show up for the organizations that fall under DISC; offering our support financially, physically, and, most importantly, emotionally. We recognize the unwillingness of the St. Olaf Community and, in particular, the St. Olaf Administration, to follow through on their commitment to equity and inclusion. This is an ongoing fight that we all must engage in if the St. Olaf Community is truly working in the interest of the marginalized student body.

Meet the Team

Mbuyisile Tlhwaele

DISC Coordinator

I am from the class of 2023 and majoring in Economics. I joined DISC because I enjoy working with student organizations, I have been involved in this kind of work since high school so it has become a part of me.


Harrison Do

Financial Officer

I am from the class of 2026 and I am majoring in Quantitative 

Economics. I joined DISC because I want to be a part of great team that embraces all of the multicultural organizations in St. Olaf campus.


Wonu Falae 

Event Coordinator 

I am in the class of 2024 and I am majoring in Psychology with concentrations in Management Studies and Stats and Data Science. I joined DISC because I have worked with underrepresented groups in the past, and I want to continue providing them with resources they need to feel supported at St. Olaf.


Geovani Peña

Executive Assistant

I am from the class of 2024 and I am majoring in Biology with a concentration in Educational Studies. I joined DISC because I want all the historically marginalized 

groups to be fully supported and represented and I am also excited to work with all our orgs.


Kaya Clemons 

Event Coordinator

I am in class of 2026 and I am majoring in political science. I joined DISC as a way to get involved with the community and to continue my work in diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

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