⠀Diversity Initiatives Support Committee⠀

Supporting underrepresented groups at St. Olaf.

The purpose of the Diversity Initiatives Support Committee (DISC) is to provide organizations of historically marginalized groups with the support and funding necessary for them to accomplish their mission at St. Olaf.

Statement Against Racism

The Diversity Initiatives Support Committee (DISC) stands in solidarity with the Cultural Union for Black Expression (CUBE) and all the BIPOC students on campus who have been marginalized. The events that occurred on Friday September 4th are unacceptable and the administration has once again showed its incompetency in addressing systemic issues that our BIPOC students face within the St. Olaf community. The administration must be held accountable for their lack of action. DISC is here. We support you. As a branch of SGA, we are making a commitment to show up for the organizations that fall under DISC; offering our support financially, physically, and, most importantly, emotionally. We recognize the unwillingness of the St. Olaf Community and, in particular, the St. Olaf Administration, to follow through on their commitment to equity and inclusion. This is an ongoing fight that we all must engage in if the St. Olaf Community is truly working in the interest of the marginalized student body.

Meet the Team

DISC Coordinator

Khatidja Jiwani

I am from the class of 2021 and an international student from Bangladesh with majors in Biology and Psychology and a Neuroscience concentration. I joined DISC to be a part of the multicultural programming on campus and ensure that our organizations have the resources and funding needed to make their presence felt on campus and create a safe community for themselves within the campus!


Web Content Manager

Seth Mutenda

I am an Economics Major with a Finance Emphasis and a concentration in Statistics & Data Science in the Class of 2022. I joined DISC to help amplify the many voices on the St. Olaf campus.


Intake and Review Financial Officer

Segun Madarikan

I am a Computer Science major from the class of 2023. I joined DISC to assist in the cultural integration and spreading of cultural awareness on campus.


Internal Event Coordinator

Rida Ali

I’m from the Class of 2021, with a Studio Arts major and Management Studies concentration. I joined DISC as an Internal Event Coordinator in order to polish my management skills including the creative aspect in it and thus, use those platforms to connect with people on campus.


First Year Representative

Omar Al-Taie

I am an international freshman from Baghdad, Iraq and a UWC Maastricht alumnus. I will be double majoring in Biology and psychology. I hope to provide support for our community, and allow first year diverse students' voices to be heard, especially throughout this extremely challenging year. Feel free to reach out with new suggestions, activities, and even questions that you may come across.


Executive Assistant

Tyga Kinsumbya

I am from the Class of 2023 and currently have an undeclared major. I joined DISC to be more involved with on campus organizations and I am excited to make events more accessible to students and learn more about my fellow Oles.


Web Content Manager

YiWynn Chan

I hail from the Class of 2022 and am a Biology and Environmental Studies major with an emphasis in the Natural Sciences. I joined DISC in hopes of creating a more accessible platform for our diverse Ole community.


Post-Event Financial Officer

Dagmawe Haileslassie

I am a computer Science major with Stats and Data science concentration from the Class of 2022. I joined DISC to help amplify multicultural voices at St. Olaf.


External Event Coordinator

Anna Cook

I am from the Class of 2022 with a Political Science major. I am looking forward to connecting with more of the student body through DISC’s involvement throughout different organizations on campus.


First Year Representative

Ann Li

I am a freshman here at St. Olaf studying political science and music. I’m a first-Generation American who joined DISC because it is essential that marginalized groups receive institutional support and recognition. I love art, music, and being outside. I love meeting new people- feel free to reach out!


First Year Representative

Geovani Peña

I am a part of the Class of 2024 and I come from Houston, Texas. I am potentially going to major in nursing. I joined DISC to make this campus more culturally diverse and for people to feel proud and comfortable to be who they are.