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Stav is changing.

Here's what you need to know.
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There's a new, faster way to get into Stav

The top floor of Buntrock has a new traffic flow! Follow the signs by keeping to the left on stairs and not crossing the stanchions when going into Stav.

For faster entrance, make sure to use both registers to enter Stav 

Coats, backpacks, and water bottles are now allowed in Stav

No need to throw your backpack on the floor outside of Stav Hall. just bring it right into Stav, along with your coat and water bottle.


Sneak peek!

Reusable containers are on the way to Stav! Don't worry though — the current containers will remain available until they get here.

Who made this happen?

Your student government.

Stav Force One is a task force managed by the St. Olaf Student Senate. The task force includes students, the College's Finance Office, and Bon Appétit Management, all working to improve the dining experience at St. Olaf. 

To get involved or learn more, contact

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