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About Us!

SOC is a branch of SGA that funds and recognizes clubs, making them official student organizations at St. Olaf. Student organizations can request funding for their events, speakers, equipment, fundraising, etc. We put the college resources behind our 200+ student organizations, allowing students to follow their passions. 

Our Mission

The Student Organizations Committee (SOC) is an allocating branch of the Student Government Association (SGA), acting as the main conduit of interaction between student organizations and SGA. It deals primarily with the approval of new organizations, allocation of funding from SGA for their operations and events, and the maintenance of student organization resources. 


SOC encourages the student body to take advantage of St. Olaf’s resources and facilities by participating in student organizations. It is a resource for further enhancing the education and leadership skills of the student body.

So, you want to start an organization?

Meet the Team!

Helen Olson

Helen Olson

SOC Coordinator She/Her

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