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The Involvement Board accepts applications for new organizations twice yearly: once in September and once in February. Information about this year's recognition windows will be communicated via SGA social media and across campus. Students interested in creating a student organization can learn more about the process below!

Question? Contact the Secretary of Involvement via the form at the bottom of this page or stop by the Office of Student Activities (Buntrock 108).

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Find Interested Oles

Find a group of at least 10 Oles who are interested in starting an org with you. Be sure that your new org is unique and non-duplicative. (You can find a list of all current orgs on Presence.)

*If applying for a new multicultural or service organization, you need a group of at least 7 Oles.


Find an Advisor

This can be any St. Olaf staff or faculty who shares your passion or interest in your new organization!

Your advisor can help you connect with other interested Oles, navigate group dynamics, and brainstorm ideas for how to run your organization and possible events to plan.


Write a Constitution

Team up with your group of interested Oles to write a constitution for your student organization. Refer to the guidelines below to fulfill all requirements.

How to Write a Constitution

Rules & Regulations

Example Constitution


Write a Constitution

Fill out the online application and wait for a response from the Secretary of Involvement! If all requirements are met, you will be invited to a recognition meeting where the Involvement Board will vote on whether to approve your organization. Come prepared to talk about your vision and answer any questions.

Maggie Walsh

Secretary of Involvement

Area of Focus

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