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Senators are responsible for keeping track of their absences and making sure that the expectations of their positions are met at every meeting. The following information may be helpful for senators as they seek a proxy to represent their constituents in their stead.

Article XIV – Student Senate, Section G. of the SGA Bylaws

4. Absences

a. Senators may not exceed two unexcused absences per semester. Any senator who has exceeded two unexcused absences from regular meetings, as monitored by the SGA Vice President, will immediately be brought before the Senate for impeachment.

b. In the case of a shared senate seat, the policy in item (a) applies as follows: if the senators reach more than two combined unexcused absences per semester, they will both immediately be brought before the Senate for impeachment.

c. If an individual on the Senate has an academic conflict with Senate meetings that person may appeal to the Senate for permanent proxy for the remainder of the term.

d. Arrival after roll call or departure prior to adjournment constitutes an un excused absence.

e. A senator whose absence is foreseeable prior to a Senate meeting is responsible for declaring an official proxy. Official proxies are declared by filling out a Proxy Notification Form with the SGA Vice President and the Executive Assistant prior to the meeting from which that member wishes to be excused. A senator may request a proxy no more than two times per semester.

f. Proper filing of a fully completed Proxy Notification Form excuses the specified senator from attending the meeting specified on the Form. A senator who does not properly file a fully completed Proxy Notification Form may still send a proxy, but will be recorded as absent should his proxy be absent, arrive after roll call, or depart prior to adjournment.

g. Only full-time St. Olaf College students are eligible to serve as proxies at Senate meetings. A proxy is granted all voting privileges accorded to the senator for whom he or she proxies, pursuant to SGA voting eligibility guidelines.

h. Proxies may not be sent to training or retreats. If a Senator cannot attend, this will be counted as an unexcused absence.

i. Members with two unexcused absences are required to meet with the Chair of the Senate and the SGA President to discuss their absences. The Director of Student Activities may also be present at this meeting. The Chair of the Senate or the SGA President may also call for such a meeting in the event that a member accumulates a substantial and inappropriate number of absences, excused or unexcused.

j. In the event of absences resulting from unforeseen or extenuating circumstances, the SGA Vice President may, upon having a dialogue with the SGA President, excuse such absences.

k. Senators are personally responsible for understanding SGA attendance policy. Failure to read the attendance policy will not absolve members of responsibility to adhere to it.

Article XV- Senate Policy Manual

Section B: Guidelines for Proxies

1. Senator and committee member attendance is essential in order for the Student Senate and SGA committees to function and perform their roles in service to the student body. According to the SGA bylaws, and in order to ensure a quorum, senators and committee members who cannot attend meetings are responsible for sending a proxy. The following guidelines apply both to members of the Senate and SGA committees and their proxies:

2. A member shall:

a. Inform the proxy of the meeting time, place, and possible duration.
b. Provide the proxy with all necessary written and reference materials, including minutes of previous meetings, proposals on the table, and bylaws or other guidelines.
c. Discuss expected issues with the proxy and give instructions on how to vote on proposals on the table.
d. Meet with the proxy after the meeting to review business and discussion from the meeting.

3. A proxy shall:

a. Arrive on time and attend the entire meeting.
b. Collect all materials distributed at the meeting and deliver them to the member.
c. Speak with all the rights of a full member.
d. Cast votes which reflect the will and intent of the member, abstaining from any votes for which the member has not provided clear instructions for voting.
e. Meet with the member to review business and discussion from the meeting.

4. An ex-officio member may not serve as a proxy for another member, voting or ex-officio. An ex-officio member must also send a proxy in the event of an absence.

5. The SGA Vice President and SGA Executive Assistant will prepare a written report of member absences with and without proxies no less than once per semester. The report will be made available to the student body and student media organizations in the Office of Student Activities and will reflect permanent proxies for academic conflicts.

Article XIV
Article XV
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