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Response to Concerns about Staff and Faculty Payment

We have received the following submission via our form.

To whom it may concern

It is due in large to the great effort of the St Olaf faculty and staff that we were able to have the option of in person classes as well as online classes. Faculty and staff have gone above and beyond the call of duty only to be rewarded NO PAY INCREASES FOR THE COMING YEAR. This is an incredible slam to dedicated employees who deserve better! President Anderson and Board Members, please reconsider this decision and give faculty and staff the ok increase they deserve.

BORSC member Claire Shaw ’21, in a meeting with Enoch Blazis (the Campus Reopening Lead and Vice President for Advancement), got the following answer, which reflects recent decisions made at the Board meeting.

“The college has millions of dollars worth of COVID-19 related expenses (testing, PPE, adjustments to spaces, etc), while simultaneously generating less revenue compared to other years. The decrease in revenue is from additional students staying home (no room and board cost), a smaller incoming class size, some students choosing to take the semester/year off completely, and other factors.

The college is still contributing to retirement funds, although there was a temporary reduction in the amount. Previously, if a faculty/staff member put a percentage of their paycheck into a retirement fund (up to 3%), St. Olaf would match that percentage threefold (up to 9%). Currently, the college has temporarily reduced the matched contribution to a maximum of 4.5%, while other MIAC schools have cut their programs entirely due to financial constraints. There are no wage reductions, layoffs, or furloughs planned.”

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