PLT Updates: Vice President for Human Resources Michael Goodson

Michael Goodson, Vice President for Human Resources, is going to be retiring from his position after this semester. Before his retirement, we wanted to share some insights from a meeting we had with him a couple weeks ago:

Does Bon App adhere to the same policies and protocols as St. Olaf students and faculty?

Although Bon Appetit is a separate entity than St. Olaf, the College works closely with them in many respects, including COVID related processes. The St. Olaf Contact Tracing team does provide contact tracing for Bon Appetit employees. Bon Appetit employees also participate in St. Olaf surveillance testing every other week. However, only students, faculty and staff are included in the COVID Dashboard statistics.

Last semester, retirement matching for faculty and staff was reduced by 50%, is this still ongoing?

The retirement match was reduced by 50% for faculty and staff starting November 1, 2020 and were re-started on April 1, 2021. Since then, the College has found itself in a better-than-expected financial situation with other savings so the College is working to give the reduced retirement match for 5 months back to employees.

We will continue to provide information as the transition between Vice President Goodson and his successor begins.

If you have any questions you would like to brought to any of the PLT members, you can submit them here.

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