DISC Executive Team Application Form

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to fill out this application. We look forward to getting back to you soon!

A link to the form can be found here.

Here are quick brief summaries of the different positions:

  • The Executive Assistant is responsible for writing down meeting minutes and brainstorming event ideas with the rest of the board. The Executive Assistant will also be responsible for having a general idea of materials in the inventory. This person needs to be organized, detail-oriented, and comfortable with taking notes.

  • The Web Content Manager is responsible for spreading awareness about DISC as a branch and the events the organizations put up. This person should be very comfortable with managing multiple social media accounts and editing web pages like Oleville and Presence.

  • The Intake and Review Financial officer is responsible for receiving and inspecting budget proposals as they are submitted. This Exec member is also responsible for transferring funds from the DISC budget to the respective organizations. This person should be detail-oriented and comfortable with making financial statements.

  • Work with the DISC Coordinator in collaborating with other departments and brainstorming inclusive and exciting events. This person needs to be creative and detail-oriented!

  • The Post- Event Financial Officer is responsible for making sure the allocated budgets have been utilized accordingly, by working with the IR financial officer. This person should have an eye for detail and also be very comfortable with confronting any mistakes that might have been made from Organisations. You should also be very comfortable with working with the OSA to check if particular receipts were submitted after spending money.

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