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BORSC Updates: Spring Survey & Self-Advocacy Handbook!

Hello Oles,

Our Spring survey is out! We want to collect the perspectives of as many students as possible to most accurately represent the student body to the college in our presentation in May. Please take the time to fill out the survey. All responses are confidential and serve exclusively to redirect future college improvement efforts in making St Olaf a more accommodating place. However, if you would like to be entered in a drawing for one of two $20 gifts, please include your email address.

Take the survey HERE

All of us here at BORSC are excited to announce one of our latest projects: the Student Self Advocacy Handbook. This handbook is the result of several months of interviews and collaboration with the College, and we’re excited to share our findings with you. We’ve compiled a list of questions about the College, ranging from how our Lutheran affiliation affects the administration (quite a bit) to all the different ways to receive funding for events, internships, and more. In short, the handbook is your encyclopedia for St. Olaf College. You can check it out here, on the recently updated Oleville website. If you have any areas you’d like us to research more, or information you think should be in the handbook, use this link on the handbook or contact us directly. We’d also be happy to do a little introduction at your student group meeting. Simply respond to this email and we can arrange it.

As always, if you have any concerns or comments you’d like the College to know about, tell us! You can use this link, email us at, or DM us on Instagram @borsc_stolaf. Our members meet regularly with members of the President’s Leadership Team and other College administrators, and we’d love to share your thoughts with them and work towards a better community for all.

Board Of Regents Student Committee

Fenton Krupp ‘24

Audrey Hoehner ‘23

Bergen Senf ‘24

Claire Shaw ‘21

Dan Reiter ‘23

Edwin Le ‘21

Fricka Lindemann ‘22

Guadalupe Guerrero ‘21

Logan Graham ‘22

Modupe Botti ‘22

Phumelele Mncina ‘24

Providence Diomedi ‘23

Rayan Elahi ‘24

Sophia Waters ‘23


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