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BORSC Newsletter: Share Your Voice + Exciting News! (Our Presentation Had Consequences)

Hi everyone,

We hope your week was somewhat restful and that you were able to enjoy a cookie at our Coffee Hour yesterday!

First things first: Please fill out our BORSC Student Life Survey if you haven’t yet. We will base our presentation to the board this May on the responses we receive, so your responses really matter for that.

Fill it out here:

We are currently at 15% and would love to ramp up the response rate until Sunday when the survey closes. Please share it with your friends!

In other news, we’re happy to announce some other good news: our Interim presentation convinced the Administration that mental health is a pressing issue on campus. Accordingly, the College has signed a contract increasing the telehealth options available to students. Hassle Morrison sent an email on 4/7 informing all students about this new offer provided by Timely Care. What’s more, Dean Roz specifically named BORSC as a motivating factor behind this decision, and we can’t wait for more students to get the help they need. If you know about a problem students face that you’d like us to investigate next, please contact us.

Have you checked out our self-advocacy handbook already? The handbook serves to inform St. Olaf students about the status quo in regards to structures, resources, and power at the college.

The goal is to help you understand how things are, empower you to access available resources, and give you the information you need to advocate for change effectively. Find it here:

As always, if you have any concerns or comments you’d like the College to know about, tell us! You can use this link, email us at, or DM us on Instagram @borsc_stolaf. Our members meet regularly with members of the President’s Leadership Team and other College administrators, and we’d love to share your thoughts with them and work towards a better community for all.

Board Of Regents Student Committee

Fenton Krupp ‘24

Audrey Hoehner ‘23

Bergen Senf ‘24

Claire Shaw ‘21

Dan Reiter ‘23

Edwin Le ‘21

Fricka Lindemann ‘22

Guadalupe Guerrero ‘21

Logan Graham ‘22

Modupe Botti ‘22

Phumelele Mncina ‘24

Providence Diomedi ‘23

Rayan Elahi ‘24

Sophia Waters ‘23

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