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BORSC Newsletter: 09/27/20

Dear fellow St. Olaf Students! Welcome to the first BORSC (Board of Regents Student Committee) newsletter! I’m Fenton, one of the first-year students on the committee, and I’ll be giving you a brief recap of who we are, what we’ve done so far, what we’re planning on doing soon, and what you can do to help. BORSC is the branch of SGA that focuses on connecting students to leadership, namely the Board of Regents, which is the group responsible for appointing the college president, overseeing the finances of the college, and approving tenure nominations, among other things. BORSC members attend the three yearly Board of Regents meetings to express the general sentiment of the student body and provide actionable recommendations to the Board to address problems on campus. BORSC has met several times already this semester, and we’re focusing on preparing for two major topics to present to the Board during their October meeting: reopening during COVID and the effects of racism on campus. We hope this meeting will allow the Regents to gain a better understanding of how students are feeling right now, but we don’t want to stop at awareness – we want to see actual commitment to changes. We only have 12 days before our presentation, so if you have any specific experience or solution you’d like to see implemented, let us know. After our October meeting, we’ll continue pushing the Board to take an active role in anti-racism work, and we’ll also work to find solutions to other issues that the Board can implement. Additionally, BORSC is currently conducting investigations about how the Board of Regents and other power within the college is organized, as well as reviewing data about the experience of students at St. Olaf and the intersection of different identities based on a report conducted by an independent auditor in 2019. That’s our current plan, but we’re here for you, so let us know what you want! Please contact us if you have anything you’d like us or the Regents to consider. You can submit a tip on Oleville with this link (anonymously, if you wish), stop by if you see us tabling (stay tuned for updates on those events soon!), DM us on Instagram @borsc_stolaf, or email me or any of our other members. BORSC is here to serve you, the student body, and we won’t stop until we achieve concrete change within our school. By the way, congratulations to Olive Karnowski for winning our raffle – check out your P.O. Box for a delicious Pause invitation. Stay on our mailing list for your chance to win in the future, and send this link to your friends to join our newsletter. We won’t spam your inbox, and our newsletter will always have relevant announcements and updates on our goals and progress. Cheers! Board Of Regents Student Committee Fenton Krupp ‘24 Audrey Hoehner ‘23 Belky Hernandez ‘23 Bergen Senf ‘24 Claire Shaw ‘21 Claire Wu ‘22 Dan Reiter ‘23 Edwin Le ‘21 Fricka Lindemann ‘22 Guadalupe Guerrero ‘21 Julia Himmelberger ‘22 Logan Graham ‘22 Modupe Botti ‘22 Phumelele Mncina ‘24 Providence Diomedi ‘23 Rayan Elahi ‘24

Sydney Robson ’22

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