BORSC May 2022 BOR Meeting Report

The third and final Board of Regents meeting of the 2021-22 academic year was held on May 5th and 6th right here on campus. As the student observer to the Board of Regents, I (Fenton Krupp) write a report about the meeting.

The meeting began on Thursday, May 5th with a tour of the new Ole Avenue project. Despite some supply chain delays, the complex is on track to be operational this fall. While the newest residence hall (which I’ve been assured will not be named Sprinstaag, in spite of student rumors) is still an active construction zone, it’s clear that the dorm will be a pleasant place to live next year. Associate Dean of Students for Residence Life Pamela McDowell noted that while the bathrooms in the new building will be nicer than those in current dormitories, the actual rooms will be comparable to those in other residence halls.

Following the tour, the Regents held an executive session to discuss (among other things) the future of the Institute for Freedom and Community. Executive sessions are closed to the President’s Leadership Team (PLT), the faculty representatives, and the student observer (me), so I did not attend this session.

Following the executive session, the PLT, faculty, and I joined the Regents for a plenary about student well-being. Vice President for Student Life Hassel Morrison presented and facilitated the discussion. Although this plenary was abbreviated due to the length of the previous session, there was a rich discussion and Morrison noted several gaps in the college’s current work, such as a need for more preventative work and additional staff to support the Title IX office.

After this plenary, the board attended chapel and the awarding of an honorary degree to Dr. Bruce Herbert Kirmmse at Steensland Hall.

After a break, we heard a report from the For Every Ole task force. For Every Ole is a project created after the Board of Regent’s Visioning Task Force