Positions Descriptions

All Member Responsibilities

  • Committee members attend the weekly PAC Executive Meeting and all PAC events
  • Be involved in at least one PAC community project
  • Contribute ideas for community projects, events, and take initiatives to secure guests and speakers

Executive Team

Community Engagement Coordinators

  • Responsible for finding community political project opportunities and reporting them at weekly executive meetings
  • Initiate, manage, and coordinate the project between community organizers and PAC
  • Work with campus outreach coordinators to encourage students to participate in these projects

Bi-Weekly Events Coordinators

  • Work on a committee to plan the PAC bi-weekly events
  • Communicate with the student body and campus organizations to collaborate on events
  • Communicate with local political organizations to host on-campus grassroots trainings
  • Responsible for executing the events

Special Events Coordinators

  • Responsible for organizing and gathering information for “special events” such as the fall, winter, and spring speakers
  • Responsible for getting in touch with speakers’ agents to find dates available, speaking cost, and travel requirements

Campus Outreach Coordinators

  • Reach out to and encourage the student body to participate in PAC events by engaging in personal interactions such as canvassing and tabling
  • Responsible for establishing and maintaining contact with all organizations on campus that host political events
  • Responsible for emailing departments when subject matter relates to their disciplines
  • Send email to PAC alias with a list of political events and relevant contact information

Executive Assistant

  • Responsible for recording minutes during all executive meetings and emailing them to the Committee following each meeting

The PoliticOle Editor

  • Responsible for signing PAC members and seek non-PAC writers to submit stories
  • Write blog entries about’s PAC’s events and engagement projects

Marketing and Communications Officers

  • Enhance campus awareness of PAC and its events
  • Communicate with SGA Marketing Communications Officers in order to effectively perform public relations responsibilities
  • Responsible for updating social media outlets on a regular basis and working on increasing outreach (via Facebook and Instagram)

Financial Officer

  • Oversee PAC spending and budgets
  • Perform self-audit prior to the end of every semester
  • Create and present a report of the Committee’s finances prior to the end of every semester
  • Serve as a member of the SGA Finance Committee

Social Media Director

  • Create Facebook events for our weekly and special events
  • Maintain and update PAC’s Facebook and Instagram accounts