⠀Greater Than Campaign⠀

2020-2021 Exec Team

Claire Walsh — Chair
Katherine Ichinose — Community Director
Lucy Moe — Resources Director

The Greater Than Campaign is dedicated to promoting a positive atmosphere surrounding mental health on the St. Olaf College campus. Working with the Student Government Association we will plan events and start conversations centered around mental well-being in efforts to reduce the stigma on campus, and working with the college faculty and administration The Greater Than Campaign will work to ensure that St. Olaf is supportive of all mental-health needs and concerns.


Our Pledge

I pledge to put my mental health first. I will strive to learn more about mental health to better understand and support myself and the people around me. I will not use language that is derogatory and/or offensive towards mental health concerns. If I need help, I will reach out to a resource or a trusted person to improve my mental health state. I understand the importance and significance of mental health for all individuals.

Resource Cards

Resource Map