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Environmental Timeline

Environmental milestones set at St. Olaf.


Campus-wide composting begins

Over the course of 2018, members of the Environmental Coalition succeeded in the implementation of composting in Buntrock and all residence halls.



Students submit fossil fuel-free investment policy proposal to St. Olaf's Investment Committee


Elimination of the sale of bottled water at St. Olaf

Students pass a referendum eliminating the sale of bottled water on campus.


Ole Thrift

With funds from the Finstad Entrepreneurial Grant, four students opened the Ole Thrift Shop in 2013.


STOGROW begins

STOGrow begins on campus


Trayless Caf

The Trayless Caf initiative initially emerged out of an Environmental Policy and Regulation group project in 2019 but was implemented in Stav Hall in 2020 as an effort to reduce the spread of Covid-19

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