Audrey: ‘I am a sophomore studying history and environmental studies. I wanted to be on BORSC because I feel like it is an opportunity to really listen to the student perspective and make a real impact on campus on the student body’s behalf, especially during these tumultuous times. Besides my involvement in SGA, I mostly like to spend my free time having fun and laughing (and maybe studying) with my friends.’

Belky: ‘I am a declared psychology major, but I am considering adding a second major (philosophy or political science). I wanted to be a part of BORSC because I desired to bring to light the concerns from a side of the student body that may not have been as present as it could have been in BORSC. I felt that my background could help me understand/empathize with a specific demographic of the student body whose voice may not have been considered when concerns where being brought up to the administration. I also wanted to be even more active with my community because I feel that although there remains many things St. Olaf could improve on, the community that I have been exposed to is a place that is open to listen. In addition to advocating for the student body, I fill my free time with reading from my favorite authors, playing my clarinet, and sketching.”

Dan: “Hi! I am an airplane enthusiast, sports fanatic, and Cage cookie lover. This year I hope to bring some new ideas and a fresh perspective to BORSC.”

Fenton: “Hi! I’m a first-year student from a small town in Pennsylvania. I’m currently planning on majoring in Computer Science, but I’m also interested in pre-law and writing. I wanted to join BORSC to effect actual change within our school, and I’m looking forward to working with this great team to make St. Olaf a more inclusive and compassionate place.”

Julia: “Hi! I’m a junior from Wellesley, Massachusetts. I am majoring in Political Science and French with a concentration in International Relations. This is my third year on BORSC and I keep coming back because of our power to enact structural change on the campus and serve as a liaison with the Board of Regents and the student body. Outside of BORSC, I play on Vortex (the women’s ultimate frisbee team) and I am president of Women in Politics and Law.”

Modupe: “Hi! I’m an international student from Nigeria. I am a junior double majoring in Economics and Political Science. This is my second year in BORSC, I’m very excited to continue conversations on bridging the gap between the student body, President Leadership Team and the Regents. One of the things that motivated me to join BORSC was hearing numerous complaints and suggestions from various students who did not know the right source to take these to. Further motivated by my interest in public policy, I believe it is important for the student body to be able to share their thoughts with those that play a vital role in running the school. I would particularly like to help strengthen the voice of smaller parts of the student body whose concerns are often overlooked, e.i. international students.” Apart from school related activities, I enjoy reading African literature, catching up on ‘gist’ with friends and experimenting with new cooking recipes.”

Phumlele: “Hello. I am from the Kingdom of Eswatini and I am a first year considering Political Science as a major. I wanted to join BORSC because I wanted to amplify and ensure students voices are heard a d though about when decision were being made. I love to sing, dance and occasionally binge watch Modern Family, New Girl or Madam Secretary. “

“Providence: “I’m a sophomore from Toronto, Canada and am so excited to be serving on BORSC this year! I am currently undeclared but will likely be majoring in French, Religion and maybe fit in some PoliSci in there, if I can. I’m looking forward to serving through BORSC and advocating on behalf of the St. Olaf student body. Some of my favourite hobbies including listening to murder podcasts (my favourite podcast being “My Favourite Murder”)  and paddleboarding!”