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Zaria Irving


Running for

Class of '25 Representative


Class of '25

Sports managment with a concentration in Managment Studies .

Chicago, IL

Statement of motivation

My interest in being a First-Year representative simply stems from the fact that I believe that the Class of 2025 deserves to have a great year full of fun, innovation, and community building; I know that I can provide that atmosphere, and I want to do so. I want to create the type of environment and relationships where my classmates can approach me with their concerns and ideas. Taking on this position is not just for me to push my ideas, but it is to embrace the ideas of the whole freshman student body. I am a great person to conduct this job because it should also be done by someone who understands diversity and equity. With such a diverse freshman class having someone who understands, values, and embraces diversity is key to having success. My main importance in this position is making sure that everyone feels heard and as they matter. My strong interest in taking on this position is to create community, embrace diversity, inspire conversation, and have a great school year. I know that this is a big task to take on, but I also think this would be a learning experience for myself and our community. Which fuels my interest to take on this position and to continue growing as a leader.

What's an initiative you'd like to see on campus?

An event that I would like to enact would be called "Hall Wars". Essentially each hall of freshmen would come together as a team, and throughout that weekend the teams would take part in different challenges and games that would collect points. Each of the challenges would highlight a certain talent that different people might have experience in. For example, there would be a challenge for art, engineering, sports, etc. This would allow for different students to showcase their talents, take on leadership roles, build community within the dorms, and add friendly competition.

What are three words your friends would use to describe you?

Dedicated, Reliable, & Empathetic.

Self-indicated experience

I have had lots of experience in leadership roles from working on my own organization, being a captain for volleyball in high school, managing high school sports, and even managing St. Olaf's Football team. All of these experiences that I have had relied heavily on communication, empathy, and organization. These are all key attributes to be successful when working in a leadership role with a large student body.

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