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Rebecca Ko


Running for

Student Life Senator

She/ her

Class of '25


Seoul/ South Korea

Statement of motivation

Numbers of the leaders focus solely on academics, but the reality is that human beings are complex creatures and that a true holistic education must account for values, relationships, and beliefs. Regardless of whatever our identity may be, we must harmonize our individual identities to create a more beautiful and rich community that can transform our communities and the world into a more peaceful era. By placing myself in the senator of student life, not only will we enjoy a more comfortable experience, but also our life will be richer.

I want to maximize my identity by the role of representative, as I dream of creating a life beyond my imagination. Looking back on my school days, I have done many activities ranging from teaching disabled children, cheerleading, and serving in leadership positions to performing in environmental musicals, orchestras, and choirs. Among these, if I were to pick an activity that could best represent my identity, it was the role of being a class leader. Since our school offered numerous ways for students to get involved, there were many projects that students had to do -- performances, volunteer work, school meetings, etc. -- and it was not an easy task for me to be a community pillar who could bring together about 50 different identities. There were frequent conflicts between students that arose because they did not understand the differences between their identities; sometimes these conflicts even erupted into severe verbal fights.
To be honest, I was really confused at first when I faced these difficulties. But I kept reminding myself about the commitment I had made to my peers when I accepted the role. After careful reflection, I concocted a plan. I realized that the only factor that could unite so many different people was love. So, I began meeting individually with each of our students and contacting them when there were unavoidable circumstances preventing us from meeting. I listened to their stories of pain and hardship, expressed respect and understanding for them, and told them how precious their existence is. Recognizing the importance of physical space, I created a place where students from our grade could talk more and share our feelings in a healthy way every Wednesday. This helped us to understand our differences, and ultimately wove our individual identities into a social tapestry that has made our community richer and more beautiful. In fact, we did not merely transform our grade, but we changed the atmosphere of our entire school by spreading the joy of "love" that understands and values each other.

A real leader must have love. Even if I had a powerful speaking ability and high educational background, if I do not value each member of the community and only think of myself without loving them, no one would follow me. Yet if I take on the heart of a servant, and I go to them first, share and understand their hardships, and tell them how precious they are, my devoted love can change not only our community, but also the world. However, this is not an easy process, and even universities that teach these skills are extremely rare. Therefore, through the role of the student life senator, I hope to learn the harmony of love and peace that can coexist among individual communities, and I want to apply that realization to my life. Rooted in a love-based leadership style, I will influence my community, society, country, and the world to make it richer and more beautiful.

What's an initiative you'd like to see on campus?

Class gathering- having a class meeting to make a better community by sharing their idea and gather opinion.

Students week- students take classes without any assignments which can improve students morality of studying.

What are three words your friends would use to describe you?

Kindhearted, Upfront, Shining

Self-indicated experience

I spent my youth in South Korea and America. I believe that this will help me to understand different ideas and make the better decisions.

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