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Luanga Léandre Junior Kasanga


Running for

International Student Senator


Class of '25


Lubumbashi, DR Congo

Statement of motivation

As an international student, I want to be able advocate for my fellow international students, as well create and develop initiatives relating to our community, with my community. I also wish to build on a St. Olaf community that is even more globally minded, because having lived in seven different countries - I can see the numerous benefits to being so. Assisting in organizing international-related events as well as speaking up for us in the SGA Senate will help to achieve this.

I enjoy organizing initiatives because if I see something missing in my community, I prefer to help fill that gap or solve that issue rather than sitting back. As such, being an international senator helps me to get involved in the student government and set up initiatives. We come from all over the world, and with that, plenty of new perspectives and experiences that we can share and inject into St. Olaf! ≧◡≦

We make up around just 15% of the student body. However - I know that international students - Just like any other student - Can bring a lot into the St. Olaf community.

What's an initiative you'd like to see on campus?

I would love to work with the Taylor Centre and the International Student Organization (and related orgs) in developing more initiatives to globally engage all students about different parts of the world. One way I hope to achieve this is by setting up an International Student council in some shape, way or form. It would be an easier way to get international students to easily be more involved in advocacy for their fellow students, or just creating initiatives in general.

What could this include? Maybe an on campus “pen-pal” buddy program? Weekly Global Affairs sessions?

Overall, a more centralized, student-led manner of creating the community that is as comfortable as possible for international students, as well as globally-engaged. Not just for us, but for everyone and those that come after us.

What are three words your friends would use to describe you?

Sporty, Extroverted, Unpredictable

Self-indicated experience

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