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Harry Olander


Running for

Class of '24 Representative


Class of '24


St. Paul

Statement of motivation

I am interested as being a class year senator because I want to be able to speak for my class. I have seen how government works on this campus and how students want it to work. I think the transparency is lacking in the college. I also believe that I have many life experiences that relate to a large portion of the student body. I have been apart of student government for a long time, I am on the golf team and am friends with a lot of athletes on campus and I also have a lot of experience in the arts and theater in particular. I want to be a senator because I know that I think differently than a lot of people on this campus. A government is only good if it embraces different viewpoints. There is no point to a student government that only represents one mindset. Lastly, I am realistic. I know there is a ceiling on what we can do on campus, and I understand the difference between eagerness and reality.

What's an initiative you'd like to see on campus?

I think some sort of block party would be fun. I know we just had a block party, but I think it would be important for the class of 2024 to continue to bond as much as possible. We have all been through a lot as a class and I think if we continue to build on that similarity we can be a tightly knit class. I was thinking of some sort of food giveaway with a karaoke booth and a dance floor and some yard games. Just things for people to do outside with lots of people. Maybe even some icebreakers. Give people the opportunity to branch out after a year of being inside.

What are three words your friends would use to describe you?

charismatic, outgoing, empathetic

Self-indicated experience

I was on senate last year, and I believe we accomplished many things as a senate. It was a hard transition during Covid and being a first year was hard as well and a little intimidating, but I am ready to get back into it and start strong. I was also on student government my whole high school career and served as student body president my senior year.

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