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Caroline Geer


Running for

Curriculum Senator


Class of '24


Northville, MI

Statement of motivation

As a firm beleiver in liberal arts education, I believe transperacy and communication between students, faculty, and administration from every department is crucial. Understadning the intersections across the different disciplines makes each stronger. St. Olaf offers such a wide variety of majors, from music to the social sciences, humanities, to natural sciences, visual arts, and dance. With such a variety of courses, finding a common curriculum and sense of a general education can be difficult. Having conversations about the reasoning behind required courses and the relation to each individual department will help to lessen the confusion and frustration with the various required courses that fall outside of their field of study.
A curriculum that spans across subjects while highlighting important issues gives St. Olaf students a more well-rounded and wholistic education. This style of education results in more balanced and knowledgeable employees and people, able to proble solve and think critically about issues with many solutions from a diverse background of information. To maintain this standard of liberal arts education, one that's transparent with the purpose behind the curriculum, I believe St. Olaf students can understand the wonderful benefits of a small liberal arts college. As Curriculum Senator, I will lead conversations about the curriculum between students and administration, emphasizing the importance of a well-rounded and informed student body.

What's an initiative you'd like to see on campus?

As Curriculum Senator I would organize a meeting between a committee of students representing various departments from different subject fields and allow them to discuss with administration courses and materials they believe are missing from the current curriculum as well air any grievances with current material. This can allow students more autonomy as to what topics need to be emphasized.

What are three words your friends would use to describe you?

Hilarious, Confident, Hardworking

Self-indicated experience

SOAR Peer Leader 21-22
Junior Intern of Mass Communication Megan McCallister Campaign for Michigan House of Representative 2020
Head of Fundraising Northville High School Drama Club 18-19

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