Alyssa Vue


Running for

Class of '24 Representative


Class of '24


Lino Lakes, MN

Statement of motivation

I am running for Senate because I have a passion for connecting with others and advocating for the greater good. I've always had a natural inclination to challenge the people who wronged others and empathize with survivors. But furthermore, my many serious discussions has taught me how to have an open mind and heart for ideas more radical and inclusive than mine and admit when I need to grow.

I've fallen in love with the St. Olaf community. When I took my first steps on campus, the Hoyme Residence Life made me feel welcome like no other. I soon formed a deep respect for the kindness and insights of my faculty, and the friends around me inspired me to do better. After all the good will of my community (love and generosity of my parents supporting my college endeavors), I felt it was right to give back. People empower me, and I want to amplify their voices with my support.

But most importantly, I want to learn how to be an ally. As a BIPOC women who's struggled with mental health, I've fought with depression, anxiety, and isolation, while trying to figure out my position amongst the community I'm supposed to represent. I want to listen to those who identify alongside me and fight against the microaggressions and inequities that harm people.

As your Class Senator, I guarantee that I will carry out the role with integrity, tenacity, and heart. This is more than a leadership position to me; this is an opportunity to understand a generation and fight for the beliefs of those I love.

What's an initiative you'd like to see on campus?

As Class Senator, I would like to carry on the Senate Textbook Initiative. I've met countless students who need their money for groceries, medication, family, and other important matters, but are unable to meet these needs because of textbook expenses. I understand how vital money is in our society, but it's unjust how such resources provide obstacles for communities in need. I want to use our funding into buying textbooks for financially-disadvantaged students and support their right to quality education so they can do what matters most to them.

What are three words your friends would use to describe you?

Compassionate, Conscientious, Driven

Self-indicated experience

In high school, I served on Class Committee for 2 years, was elected as Junior Co-President. I co-led planning for the 2019 "A Night at Gatsby's" Prom and volunteered for the Homecoming Parade and Annual Blood Drive. I was also served as a Copy Editor for the school newspaper, which I was a member of for 2 years, participated in Choir for 2 years, and performed in my school's fall theatre productions for 3 years. Outside of class, I volunteered for six months at the Animal Humane Society.

In college, I've decided to take my leadership to the next level. During my freshman year, I served as an Election Ambassador, Inclusivity Advocate for Hoyme Community Council, Public Relations for Hmong Cultural Outreach, a volunteer for the Ole Thrift Store, a Hall Receptionist, and was a member of the SGA Political Awareness Committee. This year, I'm continuing my journey with HCO as Treasurer/DISC Representative, am working with CAAS as a SOAR Peer Leader, 110 and Writing Desk Tutor, and Advisory Board Member, and sing in Cantorei.

I've taken advanced English classes ever since elementary school and am currently a Great Conner!

Thanks to all of these amazing experiences and the people I've met along the way, I have developed strong skills in critical thinking, public speaking, discussion, leadership, empathy, facilitation, event planning, fundraising, teamwork, and advocacy skills. I hope to explore my strengths and love for service even further in SGA.