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Abigail Velazquez


Running for

Class of '25 Representative


Class of '25


Palmdale, California

Statement of motivation

As someone coming from a student government background, I understand the importance of representation among classes. In high school, it was one of my goals to serve my student body and that goal hasn’t changed. I am already in love with the atmosphere and community of St. Olaf, and I want other students to feel the same way. By being one of the first-year class representatives, I can provide a voice for those who feel like they don’t have one. Aside from the obvious reasons of wanting to represent my peers and serve the student body, I feel that this opportunity would allow me to strengthen skills I have already obtained and allow me to develop new ones. Being a representative will allow me to learn more skills that can be used once I leave St. Olaf. Skills such as communication, professionalism, and organization, all of which are vital in the real world. This opportunity will not only permit me to improve the skills I have obtained already, but I will also help my peers feel heard. It would be an honor to represent the first-year class by being elected into this role, and I know I will do the Class of 2025 justice.

What's an initiative you'd like to see on campus?

One event that I have in mind for my class would be some sort of stress-reducing initiative. Although we have only been in classes for a week, I have met so many students who are already stressed out about their future in their classes. Most of these students are first-years who have been accustomed to online learning for the past year and a half, like me. This stress-reducing initiative would involve activities that are proven or that help reduce stress. Those activities could range from physical to spiritual. Examples of these activities could be group exercises, meditation, and so much more. Another part of the initiative would be to teach first years about the importance of managing stress. Although stress can be used as a motivator, we can all agree that it can become unhealthy. As I stated previously, this initiative would spread awareness about the positive and negative effects of stress on our minds and bodies. We would learn how to manage it and what to do in cases of extreme stress. I feel that if my peers and I can learn about stress and how to manage it, it would make our transition from high school to college so much smoother. Along with providing resources for managing stress, the First-Year Representatives could also work with the Greater Than Campaign to provide resources for mental health. If we are given the tools necessary to manage our stress at an early stage, our time at St. Olaf will be more than just a college experience.

What are three words your friends would use to describe you?

dedicated, determined, passionate

Self-indicated experience

For the last four years, I have had the privilege of being in my high school’s Associated Student Government. I held many different positions over the years and I feel that I can use my experiences to enhance the SGA at St. Olaf. Besides being a dedicated member I was the class president for two years and was a commissioner for different committees. I was commissioner for our community service branch, fundraising branch, and was the commissioner for my school’s student store. Along with those roles, I also acted as a liaison between my high school and the other high schools in our district. I was a part of a group of students who were selected by district board members. The purpose of this group was to meet with other students and talk about issues concerning our schools. After the meetings, I’d report back to my student government members. Although each position was very different, they all played a big part in shaping me into the leader I am today. Because of the variety of positions I have held, I know that I am more than capable of representing the Class of 2025 here at St. Olaf.

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