Student Organizations Committee

SOC is a branch of SGA that approves clubs, making them Official Student Organizations. All Official Student Organizations have information: See the list of current organizations. Student Organizations can apply to SOC for funding for events, speakers, equipment, etc. Student Organizations can also use the SORC and the poster room to create publicity for their organizations.

SOC is no longer taking Funding Requests or Club Recognition Requests for the 2013-2014 school year. The applications will go live again Week One next term. If you have any questions over the summer please contact the fall coordinator Jocelyn Sarvady,

What’s SOC up to?

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Member Applications



See the list of current organizations ยป
Check out the club sports/athletic orgs page on the St. Olaf website




SOC Organization Recognition Petition
SOC Temporary Project Recognition Petition

SOC Special Funding Application
SOC Special Funding Request for Club Sports
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