Board of Regents Student Committee

It is the mission of the Board of Regents Student Committee (BORSC) to facilitate communication between the student body and St. Olaf’s Board of Regents. The purpose of the committee is to examine and relay student concerns, perceptions, and interests to the board, the governing body of the institution. A primary responsibility of BORSC is to represent student perspective regarding the long range planning of college, especially those aspects directly managed by the board of regents. It is the goal of BORSC to be actively involved with students throughout the campus and act as a representative of the collective student body.

Greetings, Oles! The Board of Regents Student Committee (BORSC) would like to make an official statement regarding current conversation on campus. As you may have heard, BORSC did not present its prepared report on Gender and Sexuality to the Board of Regents when they were on campus May 1st, due to a restructuring of the Board meetings.Approximately two weeks before May 1st, the new Board of Regents Chair, Kristine Olson Johnson ‘73, restructured the Board meetings, which changed how the Regents spent their time together on campus, including their interaction with BORSC. These changes were made with the intention of increasing efficacy and timeliness of communication so the Regents could better serve the College and engage in more authentic conversation with students.

Ms. Johnson’s decision to restructure the meeting was in no way related to BORSC’s intended report topic, and she did not intend to silence student voices. Rather, she had the goal of better hearing student voices by engaging in an organic conversation with BORSC members about a topic directly related to the long-term, institutional subjects the Regents were discussing that day.

Instead of presenting the prepared report, BORSC members discussed with the Regents the political atmosphere at St. Olaf. The conversation ranged from the ability of students to express diverse opinions in the classroom, the 2014 Spring PAC speaker, and how professors influence the development and expression of political views. Conversations also included suggestions for enhancing communication between students and administrators of the College. Both the Regents and BORSC members felt that this interaction was productive and authentic.

In the coming years, BORSC will strive to engage in more effective and organic communication with the Board of Regents. Our mission to represent student voices will continue to be our first priority, and we hope to engage even more students going forward. This will likely include a growth and development in the style of information sharing.

The Gender and Sexuality Presentation will be given to the St. Olaf community on Tuesday, May 13th, from 5:00-6:30pm in the Sun & Gold Ballrooms. Panelists will include students, faculty, and administrative representatives.

Most importantly, we assure you that both St. Olaf’s Board of Regents and BORSC are committed to fostering strong connections between students and the governors of the College.


William Raun ‘14
Chair, The Board of Regents Student Committee

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to William Raun, BORSC Chair, Evan Davis, BORSC Chair Elect, or any of the current BORSC members listed below.

2013-14 Committee Members

- William Raun ’14, Chair
- Emily Baker ’15
- Tanner Block ’17
- Krista Bryz-Gornia ’15
- Evan Davis ’15
- Hamsitha Dontamsetty ’16
- Aaron Dunn ’16
- Hannah Fedje-Johnston ’16
- Erin McHugh ’16
- Katelyn Regenscheid ’15
- Megan Sather ’17
- Preston West ’16
- Jacob Westerberg ’16


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